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Book Review: "Dream Big" by Bob Goff

Definitely read Dream Big by Bob Goff with a pen in your hand; you will want to highlight, take note, and memorize some of the important lessons Goff teaches his readers. Better yet, buy a digital version so you can see your notes on your eReader.
Here's the thing: I am a BIG fan of Bob Goff's writing and feel that each of his books have found me at a pivotal point in my life and has opened important doors to reflection. Dream Big takes everything that I love from Love Does and Everybody, Always and places it into the context of achieving goals and resolutions that readers may have closed the door to and helps readers to unlock the creative potential to achieve what truly needs accomplishing in their life.
Here's what makes Goff's books stand out in the pack-shelved section of self-help books: Goff realizes that there is value to anecdotal examples he derives from his life as well as the lives of others.Goff never settles for mediocre when it comes to success-- I often st…

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