Welcome to Our Site!

You've found us, and we are so excited to begin this journey with you! Project Booklist is a blog site that originated between three friends: Amanda, Kyle, and Shelby. The idea behind the site is to host a plethora of book reviews, recommendations, and (perhaps most importantly) lists that readers can source while trying to decide what to read next. It is the brainchild born from a love of literacy and a desire to connect our reading lives to those beyond our social network.

Who is Project Booklist for?

Project booklist is for anyone who is looking for a book recommendation, a specific type of book, or even a book that is not the everyday choice or find. It is for the newbie reader and the book nerd. It is for the fan-geek who has his/her niché. We review many types of books and will offer our opinions and recommendations. However, it is up to the reader to take it from there...

Where do you get your books?

The contributors at Project Booklist get their books from many places. Some of our favorite stores are 2nd & Charles, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, and other book retailers we come across. We love scouring our local thrift stores for used copies, and we love to share books with fellow book lovers. We also order from Amazon and other online retailers. We also advocate public libraries and are honored members of Georgia Public Library Service and Georgia Library PINES. There is power in a library card!

What types of books do you read/review?

We review many different types of books, and each contributor has their own reading preferences. Expect to see a variety of texts, and feel free to make suggestions in the comments. Check out our individual pages for our personal lists.

How do I contact Project Booklist?

Feel free to reach out to us: hello@projectbooklist.com