Book Review: The Southern Book Club's Guide to Slaying Vampires

Everywhere I look, people are commenting about this new horror novel from Grady Hendrix. I had never read a Hendrix novel, but I head heard that they were full of terrors. With this one focusing on a Southern book club and dealing with vampires, I knew I had to check this one out.

This novel tells the story of Patricia and her friends as they form a new book club in their small South Carolina neighborhood in the early 1990s. They focus their reading on stories their husbands may not approve of, particularly true crime fiction. When a mysterious stranger moves to town and odd things begin happening, Patricia becomes suspicious of the stranger and his motives behind moving into their peaceful existence. When Patricia's suspicions fall on deaf ears, she will stop at nothing to save her friends, her family and her neighborhood from the terror that the stranger has inflicted upon them.

Ok, let me be clear- I liked this book. That said, however- this book was NOT scary. I keep seeing reviews of people saying this is the scariest book they've read in a long time. I guess its because I have read Stephen King, Thomas Harris and the like, but this book did not scare me in the least. It was a horror novel in that it had scenes of horror and focused around a chilling vampiric character.  So yes, there are horror elements to the novel, but I would not necessarily classify it as a horror novel. Hendrix does a good job of developing his characters; I felt like I was a part of the book club and the ladies in it my neighbors and friends. He also did a very good job of keeping the audience in suspense, wondering whether Patricia was correct in her assumptions or whether she was losing her mind. The characters were all very likable and relatable, and Hendrix's "Southernisms" really played well throughout the story- being from the South I could relate well to these small and subtle hints.

Overall, the book was enjoyable. It did not always hold my attention- it took me several days to complete this book. However, it was a fun read and one I would recommend. Although not scary (to me), others may find this an enjoyable horror story.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐