Auld Lang Syne: Looking Forward to 2021...

Dear Reader,

So many of us are facing the prospect that this monster of a year has affected our lives in a way we will never be able to forget. 

So many of us are looking forward to the new year with open minds, open hearts, and open books, and we are ready for something different than what 2020 offered. 

So many of us dropped the ball, missed the serve, and fouled out of our own game scared of the open possibilities and regretting the missed opportunity. 

So many of us are looking forward to 2021 not because we expect an abrupt conclusion to the current pandemic, but to a hard and difficult year. 

So many of us are afraid of making resolutions at a time when the future is hard to imagine.

We can't make any promises that we can help with the struggles we all face, but we can give you a bit of positivity and reflection while we face the upcoming year. 

We have our heads held high with an unwillingness to surrender. 

We have so many great books on the shelf ready to be read and reviewed.

We have a positivity that cannot be overshadowed by the fears of 2020.

We have and will continue to wear our mask, to take precautions, to quarantine, to listen to the surprise albums, to refresh our bookshelves, and to double-check on family and friends. 

We have missed you. 

We know we have been quiet for far too long, but 2021 brings us a new vision with exciting books to be read and reviewed and we want you to be along for the journey. 

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Here's to you, Reader, as we embark together into the unknown of 2021. 

Stay safe and see you soon.

Auld Lang Syne,

Project Booklist