Project Booklist Contributors

Project Booklist Contributors


  • Lives in Georgia with her husband and fellow contributor, Kyle, and their two cats
  • Studied History and English while in college, studied abroad in Ireland, and received 3 degrees (and a minor) in record time
  • Jeopardy Master
  • Self-proclaimed nerd and fan of many pop culture favorites: GoT, LOTR, Doctor Who, Disney.....
  • Loves watching and critiquing movies
  • Wishes to travel across Europe, walking in the footsteps of authorial legends


  • Lives in Georgia with his wife and fellow contributor, Amanda
  • Studied English in college and collected at least three tassels doing so.
  • Studied abroad in Italy...twice
  • Loves to travel, people watch, and all things technology
  • Avowed Disnerd & Potterhead
  • Reads an eclectic variety of everything
  • Aspires to become a Walt Disney Imagineer and to fulfill his life-long dream.
 Kyle's book recommendations, liked quotes, book clubs, book trivia, book lists (read-2019 shelf)


  • Lives in Georgia
  • Studied English in college; have a few degrees hung in overly-priced frames
  • Avowed Harry Potter fanatic and collector of related items
  • Proclaimed YA aficionado 
  • Aspiring author
  • Daydreams about owning a diner or pie-by-the-slice shop
  • Has traveled to Italy and believes it the most beautiful place on Earth